Bereavement Doula Support 

For parents facing a known or unexpected stillbirth or fatal diagnosis, we will meet you at the hospital. We will do whatever we can to support you, whether you need help dealing with the grief, building a support system, finding information on the diagnosis and potential outcomes, or planning a funeral. Bereavement support does not end in the days or weeks after a loss; support will continue for as long as the family needs, even in the proceeding months. Having to say goodbye to a child is something no parent expects. We will provide as much information as we can about any resources and options that may be available.  

There is no charge for Bereavement Doula Support. Love offerings are accepted but are not expected; any love offering received will be used to help make bereavement support available for other grieving families.

Additional Local Support for Immediate Help:

Birthwaves, Inc. Columbia, SC Chapter

This nonprofit organization helps put families in contact with a local group of bereavement support doulas for around the clock support in the greater Columbia area. Local support groups are also coming soon to the area. Support through BirthWaves comes at no cost to the family.