Placenta Encapsulation: What Makes Us Different

Little Orchids Childbirth Services, LLC is proud to offer placenta encapsulation to our wonderful clients. Consuming one's placenta is becoming a popular choice in this area, and there are numerous reported benefits. Choosing a qualified person to prepare your placenta for you to ingest is an important decision. It is important for the person you choose to follow proper safety protocols that keep the placenta safe to consume.

The fact is that placenta encapsulation is a completely unregulated industry. Anyone can decide to offer placenta encapsulation; there are no legal requirements to certify or even have any training to handle and process placentas. 

So what makes us different? 

We offer to process placentas in our clients' homes. This could allow you to transport your own placenta placenta, so your placenta stays in your control and possession at all times. 

Wait, What?? Yes, we understand that this is completely different than what many other encapsulators do. However, there are a few very important reasons why we do it this way. 

1. Peace of Mind

Again, placenta encapsulation is not regulated. By having your placenta processed in the comfort of your own home, you have complete freedom to oversee how your placenta is being handled. There is no doubt remaining that your placenta is handled properly, safely, and according to strict sanitation procedures. 

We do not transport placentas; the placenta stays in your custody and control at all times. We provide our clients with a safe transport kit so that they can confidently bring their own placenta home. With this policy, our clients know exactly where the placenta has been and how it has been handled. There is no risk or possibility that the placenta was forgotten in someone's purse or left in a hot car while the handler runs to the store for groceries because unfortunately, both of these examples can and have happened.  Plus, if an encapsulator is working on multiple placentas, how can you trust that you received the right placenta pills? You deserve to have peace of mind during your postpartum period. There should not be any room left to question the handling of your placenta or if the presented placenta pills are actually yours. 

2. Safe and Sanitary Processing Procedures 

Processing the placenta in our clients' homes also demonstrates the strict sanitation procedures that we follow. Although legally no training is required, you can trust that by choosing Little Orchids for your encapsulation, you have a competent and trained encapsulator working with your placenta. Little Orchids encapsulators have been trained by IPPA, the International Placenta and Postpartum Association. This training has instilled proper, safe handling and processing methods to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service. 

In addition to the IPPA training, our encapsulators are certified for both blood-borne pathogens (BBP) and safe-food prep handling guidelines. Our equipment is properly sanitized according to blood-borne pathogen procedures after each and every client. Any items that cannot be properly or completely sanitized are safely disposed of and are not reused. 

Also, processing in your home helps ensure the safety of the finished product. Since your placenta stays in your possession, there is no worry that our dogs or kids are playing with the dehydrator or placenta. That would be gross, and that is not something you need to have to worry about! 

3. In-home Postpartum Support 

Each of our placenta encapsulators are also trained and certified as postpartum doulas. This means that you have a postpartum expert in-home with you while your placenta is being processed. During this time, we are also available to answer questions, help with infant care, or even just keep you company while you relax and recover. 

With all of these benefits, there really are no down sides. Your placenta can be frozen if needed, so we are able to come at your convenience and work with your needs and schedule. We do not leave a mess, and we bring our own supplies and equipment. We want you to have the best postpartum time possible, and this includes providing the safest placenta products.