Placenta Encapsulation Information

Many women experience benefits from consuming their placenta. These reported benefits include: 

- Increased milk supply

- Lowered incidence of Postpartum Depression

- Increased energy

- Increased Iron levels

- Increased Oxytocin levels (the "feel good" hormone)

- Quicker postpartum recovery

- Increased bond with the baby

Consumption of the placenta can take many forms. We can safely and professionally prepare your placenta as: 

- Placenta Capsules

- Placenta Tincture

- Chocolate Placenta Truffles!

Preparation options can also make a placenta salve, placenta print, and an umbilical cord keepsake.

Interested in a jewelry keepsake made from your placenta? 

Check out our current design options. 


Placenta encapsulation:



Our Placenta Encapsulation Package includes a prenatal meeting to discuss desired options, pickup from your place of birth, and processing the placenta into capsules. Placenta products will be completed within 72 hours of pick-up.



Chocolate Placenta Truffles: 


Did you know you aren't limited to capsules or tincture for ingestion methods? Make it tasty! Our Chocolate Placenta Truffles are an add-on item that can be included with any other encapsulation products. 



Additional Preparations:

$25 each

Would you like more than just capsule preparation? Additional preparations can be ordered. All placenta products will be completed within 72 hours of pick-up.