Placenta Encapsulation Information


Placenta Encapsulation has been utilized for several years due to its many reported benefits. At this time, these benefits have not been proven through scientific research. We are not able to guarantee any specific benefit or reaction from ingesting your placenta.

Many women report experiencing benefits from consuming their placenta. These possible benefits may include: 

- Increased milk supply

- Lowered incidence of Postpartum Depression / Improved mood

- Increased energy

- Increased Iron levels

- Quicker postpartum recovery

- Increased bond with the baby

Consumption of the placenta can take many forms. Our options include: 

- Placenta Capsules

- Placenta Tincture

- Chocolate Placenta Truffles

Non-ingested preparation options can also include a placenta salve, placenta print, and an umbilical cord keepsake.

*Please Note: Our encapsulator will be out of town August 22-25 and September 13-18. Since birth timing is so unpredictable, we are still accepting booking requests. If a client delivers during this time, they must make arrangements to properly store the placenta until the encapsulator is able to pick it up. This will be discussed with each booking client due around this time frame.


Placenta encapsulation:



Our Placenta Encapsulation Package includes pickup from your hospital (within the Columbia area) and processing the placenta into capsules. Placenta products will be finished promptly; most are completed within 72 hours of pick-up. If you would also enjoy having placenta prints and/or an umbilical cord keepsake, these can be included at no additional charge.



Chocolate Placenta Truffles: 


Did you know you aren't limited to capsules or tincture for ingestion methods? Make it tasty! Our Chocolate Placenta Truffles are an add-on item that can be included with any other encapsulation products. 



Additional Preparations:

$25 each

Would you like more than just capsule preparation? Additional preparations can be ordered including a salve or tincture.