Birth Planning with a Doula: $50

While birth is unpredictable, it can be very helpful to create a birth plan. A birth plan is simply a written list of what you’d like to happen when you are in labor and after you give birth. This plan includes points that are important to you, such as who you’d like present during the birth, ways you’d prefer to manage discomfort, and how you’d like baby to be cared for immediately following the birth.

Thinking through all the possibilities of how labor may go can be so overwhelming! Let us help weed through the details as we build your plan together. We can help answer questions about each possibility as well as explain what is standard at each of the local hospitals and with many local OB practices. Your completed plan will be tailored to your specific birth location, needs, and personal wishes. We encourage all of our clients to have a conversation with their doctor regarding their wishes as well as take a printed copy (or two!) to the hospital for the birth.

Our birth planning sessions are held as video calls through Zoom and are approx. one hour long.