“I just finished my doula training, but I’m not sure how to actually get started…”

For the last couple of years, I’ve received several emails and phone calls like this every month. Doula training is great, but many new doulas find little follow-up after training and little information about the realities of starting to work with real clients. I remember how hard it was working to navigate local business establishments requirements and finding clients, so I’ve decided to start a local Doula Mentorship Program as a way to support others who may be struggling now. I’ll be starting out with two mentorship options and am currently accepting applications for our first mentorship group at a special discounted rate.

Doula the Doula Consultation - $50

This option is for those that are thinking about becoming a doula but are not sure if that would be a good choice for them. Meet with Juliann for up to 2 hours to talk through training options, the local doula scene, and any questions you have.

  • One-on-one meeting to discuss:

    • Finding clients

    • Your goals

    • How to find a doula training organization that fits you best

    • Realities of the job; demands on family life and burnout

    • Your questions

    • Legal considerations

Full Doula Mentorship Program - $650 ($1,200 value)

Our full mentorship program is a 6 month period filled with additional education and support. This pilot group for our mentorship program will receive a wealth of practical information! Doulas approved to be part of this pilot group should be ready to start within 1-2 months of application approval.

Our mentorship program includes:

  • Monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions to review your current clients and how best to support them

    • One in-person meeting and one Zoom call per month

  • On-call support from me for questions regarding current clients or births (subject to availability schedule)

  • Post-birth debrief sessions via Zoom after each birth you attend to review what you learned and how to grown

  • Attendance at one Savvy Birth Pro Workshop

  • 10% discount for attendance at any of our other educational workshops

  • One-on-one, 1 hour introduction meeting to discuss your goals

  • One-on-one, 30 minute meetings prior to each client prenatal visit

  • Guidance during up to 3 prenatal visits with your clients (you must gain client interest for this prior to scheduling)

  • One-on-one, 30 minute post meeting after each visit to discuss feedback

  • Assistance creating your own client forms and agreements*

  • Assistance creating and developing your website and social media pages


  • Potential of using me for in-person support or back-up during births (available for local doulas only; subject to mentor’s availability and client’s agreement; additional fee)

  • Potential for joining the Little Orchids doula team after completion of mentorship

  • Possible birth attendance**

Business Topics Discussed Include:

  • Starting a legal business

  • Finding your ideal client

  • Website and social media

  • Handling client inquiries

  • Service Pricing

  • Client contracts and forms

  • Finances and record keeping

  • Advertising and marketing

Birth Topics Discussed Include:

  • Finding evidence based maternity care

  • The labor process

  • Labor induction

  • Pain management options

  • Newborn procedures

  • Informed consent

  • Local Cesarean and VBAC rates

  • Local hospital policies; what’s the “norm”


  • An interest in offering non-judgemental support for your clients

  • An interest in actively seeking your own clients

  • The understanding that you will never know everything; you can learn something from every single birth

  • Having completed a doula training program of your choice

  • Accountability, reliability, confidentiality, and respect both for this program and your clients

  • Completing our mentorship application

Additional Details:

  • This is a 6 month mentorship program that must be completed within 8 months of application approval. This flexibility allows both of us to account for vacations, unforeseen illness, or other life circumstances.

  • In order to provide adequate individual support and attention, participation in this pilot group will be limited to 5 doulas. Local and distance mentoring is available with preference given to local applicants.

  • This program does not promise to find clients for you or guarantee future client referrals. Signing up for mentorship assumes you will be finding your own clients.

  • All visits are pending advance approval from your client. Birth attendance by your mentor is not guaranteed.

  • At this time, I am not offering shadowing at Little Orchids clients’ births. One of my goals of mentorship is to feel confident taking on your own clients without using other doulas’ clients to practice.

Your investment:

  • The fee for our pilot doula mentorship program is $650. A minimum $325 deposit is required upon application approval to hold your spot in the program. The remaining balance is due upon the start of mentorship, normally by the introduction visit. Payment plans may be arranged on a case by case basis.

  • Once your mentorship program has started, there are no refunds or cancellations. Mentorship may be deferred up to 3 months on a case by case basis.

  • We will have ONE scholarship spot available for the pilot program. This spot is intended for a doula who is currently or plans to work with or who represents an underserved or unrepresented community. Please contact us for the scholarship application which is separate from the general mentorship application.

Meet your doula mentor

Juliann Lee

Labor Doula
Childbirth Educator
Birth and Bereavement Doula
Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
Postpartum and Newborn Doula
Child Passenger Safety Technician
Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

* : We are not able to provide legal counsel and ensure the legal jargon in any agreement. We will discuss important points that you may want to include but always recommend speaking with an attorney to review the strength of your documents.

**: Birth attendance would be provided at an additional fee and is subject to scheduling availability. Your client would need to agree to have your mentor present.